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Explore the town of Deadberri, overrun with bandits and riddled with mystery. With old friends and new foes, it's up to you to uncover what happened to Emily, the mayor's missing daughter.

Sheriff in the West is a narrative-driven third person shooter, action adventure set in the old west, late 1800s. You are Keo, a small town Sheriff. Immerse yourself in the bone-dry west, interact with the town, its people, and engage in shooting combat with bandits. Follow this short, linear plot which aims to lead you on a quest for truth and discovery.

After playing, please fill out this feedback form so we can improve on the game: https://goo.gl/forms/VkuuFvk6OgKXOFwq2

WARNING: Game is currently broken. Updates to come very soon.

Controls or Xbox Controller:

Movement: "WASD" or "Left Stick"

Camera Controls: "Mouse" or "Right Stick"

Interaction: "E" or (X)

Skip Cut-scenes: "Spacebar" or (B)

Fire: "Left Mouse Button" or "Right Trigger"

Aim: "Right Mouse Button" or"Left Trigger"

Aim Switch Shoulders: HOLD DOWN "Aim" button + "Q" or "Left Stick Button"

The Team:

Keovilay Cola Saycocie - Games Designer

Elizabeth Jenson - Games Designer

Jack Floyd - Games Programmer

Fransisca Natalia - Animator

Breanna Slender - Animator

Dimitrios Agoropoulos - Animator

Daimen Carlaw - Animator


Preston Hawkes

Jessey Napthali

Rhys Gault

Jasdeep Kang

Krisy Taveras

Tomas Prieto


Anthony Darvall as Sheriff Keo

Rebecca Zaunders as Emily Blonde

Nathan Sharp as Dio

Mitchell Smith as Bartender Geoff

Daimen Carlaw as Henchmen

Patch Notes:

V1.3 Patch:

  • Refurbished saloon
  • Working AI
  • Working health system
  • Further player controller improvements
  • Bug fixes

V1.2 Patch:

  • Significantly improved Player Controller
  • Included Animations to Cut-scenes and game-play
  • Textured assets implimented in levels
  • Bug fixes

V1.1 Patch:

  • Improved player controller mechanics
  • Included textured art into levels
  • Bug fixes

V1.0 Release:

  • Initial project release


SITW_V1.3.rar 133 MB
SITW_V1.2.zip 151 MB
SITW_V1.1.zip 120 MB
SITW_V1.0 80 MB

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